If you want to learn the principles of reading illustrated fortune telling cards, this unique book gives you the strong foundations of that art. On one level, it teaches you to use Gypsy cards as a self-contained divinatory system that allows you to glimpse into the invisible and make correct predictions for the future. On another, it explains how Gypsy cards can help you in your intuitive and intellectual transition to the challenging world of the Tarot. Among many intriguing topics, this book focuses on:
· how to align symbolic meanings with your intuition;
· how to recognize card combinations instantly;
· how to weave cohesive stories from a limited number of cards while respecting the confines of their symbolic meanings and positions;
· how to interpret the cards’ messages within specific contexts;
· how to tie the messages of various layouts together until they form a unique and complete picture;
· how to practice ethical card readings.

Format: 20.00
ISBN: 9780978376604
Broj stranica: 212
Uvez: meki
Godina izdanja: 2007